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With WiFi Call Roaming, you are always connected!

Get you calls any where, any time on your FranzCom numbers with WiFi Call Roaming your are always connected.

What you need to know! Get ready. This is WiFi-Calling.

  • Excellent indoor coverage wherever you have Wi-Fi access. No more worries about mobile signal strength.
  • No call forwarding costs, no roaming costs. Calls and Instant Messaging with WiFi-Calling are billed according to your FranzCom number plan and deducted from your PrePay balance.
  • Free call forwarding to VoIP in over 196 countries worldwide
  • All you need is your FranzCom number setup with the Zoiper Mobile APP. WiFi Calling works for all FranzCom phone numbers where ever you are in the world..

All you need is a mobile phone and the Zoiper Mobile APP which supports the VoIP phone network service.

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