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Call Centres – 16 checks to ensure you’re Ofcom compliant

Handling Silent and Abandoned Calls 1. Check your abandoned call message is being used for all campaigns 2. Check your abandoned call message content is correct for all campaigns 3. Monitor your abandoned call rate daily 4. Ensure your system rings for at least 15 seconds 5. Check your system follows the 2 second rule. The 2 second rule is mentioned a few times in the Ofcom guidelines, and th...
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0871 compliance from DIDcomms

The recent regulatory changes to the 0871 prefix will impact on many DIDcomms customers, and any businesses that are considering purchasing an 0871 number. This article is written to provide compliance advice to ensure compliance to the new regulations. The reason behind the changes In February 2009, Ofcom published its review into the 0871 number range, which contained a package of measures aim...
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