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UK Calling Customer Price Guide

Customer Price Guide for Rates and Charges

Below are the rates and charges for our number services, ie. call charges, call usage, revenue share.

Calls between Franzcom network customer numbers Free
Instant Messaging (supported VoIP phones) Free
Calls to international phone lines and call forwarding Click Here
Calls to UK Fixed Landlines 2.8p per minute
Calls to UK Mobiles. Mobile rates vary depending on the mobile network. Our call pricing starts from as low as 3.2p up to 26p. 3.2p per minute
Calls to 084 and 087 numbers up to 17.5p per minute
Calls to 09 premium numbers £1.82 per minute
Calls to freephone numbers starting with 0800 and 0808 Free
Calls to personal numbers starting with 070 62.4p per minute
Voicemail to email on 084, 087 and 070 numbers (VoIP phone access dial 150) Free
Voicemail to email (VoIP phone access dial 150) Free
Video calls using VoIP phones or mobile VoIP app Free
Prepay top-up charges for call credit 3.4% plus 20p
Usage charge for incoming calls to 01, 02, 03 geographic numbers. Upgrade to our pay monthly package and get all incoming calls free of charge. Contact customer support for more details. 1.2p per minute
Usage charge for incoming calls to 0800 freephone numbers 3.7p per minute
Line Rental (0800, 084, 087, 070 and geographic 01, 02, 03 numbers) Free
Fax to Email usage charge and delivery on 084, 087 and 070 numbers Free
Fax to Email usage charge and delivery on 01, 02, 03 geographic numbers 1.2p per minute
Revenue Share 0871, 0872 numbers, Customer pays for all call forwarding charges up to 8p per minute

Some things you need to understand…

Service Numbers:
The cost of calling numbers starting 084, 087, 070 or 09 is made up of two parts: an ‘Access Charge’ and a ‘Service Charge’. The Service Charge is set by the phone company whose numbers you are calling. These two parts are combined to give the total call cost.

Free numbers:
We also believe that a free number should be just that, so all 0800 and 0808 numbers really are free.

Call charges:
Unless otherwise stated, call prices all include VAT, they are quoted by the minute and are charged in one second billing increments with a minimum charge of 60 seconds per call.

Extent of United Kingdom:
The prices on this page apply within Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Different rates apply for calls from the UK to Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and other international destinations.

Last updated 20/12/2018

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